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  Lesson 1 - Intro & Why Do You Need Life Goals

i am glad to be part of productive Muslim site i get it helpfull jezakumullah khyren
Subhana Begum
Very good introduction, Jazak-Allah. I need to listen daily so that I can lead a more productive life inshallah and not give up so easily when facing difficulties. I thought my purpose had been fulfilled on this earth so it is a new challenge for me.

Looking forward to a prosperous journey this Ramadan.
Noha amr
Assalamu alikom
That is really great.
milka Hassan
Asalam aleykum
akhy fe deen
it is really helpful may Allah have mercy on you and increase your knowledge
May Allah make us among those who He guided
sharif sallam
O Allah..give us all patience in striving for our common goal in implementing islam (and getting rid of oppression and hate) all over the globe. ameen
Marsha Allah it really helps me ,may Allah grant jannath.
Ok. Staring set life goals. Easier when you are younger, more challenging as you get older on some levels. Life gets too busy....
It's really very nice
but if you don't have your steering wheel in your own hand then..?
Our patients, our husbands, our in laws they mostly decide about our lives
It's really very nice
but if you don't have your steering wheel in your own hand then..?
Our patients, our husbands, our in laws they mostly decide about our lives
Halima Aweis Hagi
It's a very helpful lesson, Subhan Allah.

From now on, I will surely write goals that I want to achieve in this world and the hereafter Inshaa Allah.

Jazaak Allahu Khairan
May Allah reward you with Jannatul Firdaus, and to all of us.
Shabana Parvez
SubhanAllah a good motivational talk on why we should have goals.
Need to show it to my kids as well to be motivated to do more than video games and watch tv
Alhamdulillah. Its very helpful. JazakAllah khair
Masha Allah..may Allah grant us continuous success in this life and in akhira. Please accept me (Khadijah Bint Muhammad Nail) in the group. Jazakallah khair!
Asif Surti
Subhan Allah. It makes perfect sense. Jazakallah khayr.may Allah (swt ) help us all to make good life goals, aameen.
Well done my brother may Allah gives you best reward
Mohammed Faris
Ameen :)
Habon Osman Aden
Assalamu Aleykum.

Dear Mohamed,

I did not get a reply of what i sent that i wanted to learn based on the subject matter given at that specific time, of which I sent to productive muslim.

i can share the request if you allow me
Mohammed Faris
Dear Habon - apologies for the super delay in responding to you. Been a hectic month traveling to 3 cities launching the ProductiveMuslim podcast. Please send me your request again, either here or via email at
Haji Yusri bin Haji Md Ali
Assalamualaikum, In all my life, I've been asking myself these...

What's my life goals or rather what's my life purpose?

How to really identify and be certain that I found my life goals?

Most importantly, how am I going to achieve them effortlessly?

Hopefully productive muslim can shed some light, please.

Mohammed Faris
Let me know when you complete the course and we can then discuss if you're still stuck.
Bineta TOURE
Assalamou Aleykoum ,

Macha'Allah, it is important to have goals beside the utmost goals to prevent yourself not accessing it. I do have goals in my life, I just am not sure how to achieve them all.
Haji Yusri bin Haji Md Ali
You're not alone. Myself experiencing similar thing you're experiencing. Has always been looking to develop myself but always procrastinate to finish whatever course I purchased. Is it because I'm too far away with my life purpose as ordained by Allah?
Mohammed Faris
Dear Bineta and Haji - have you completed the course yet? Are you finding more clarity in the questions you're posing above from this course?
Zainab Ahmad
Nice, Mt. Kilimanjaro! I grew up in Kenya, and we saw it quite often. I haven't climbed it, though! It is actually much tougher to climb than other mountains, so I heard.
I agree, one should have goals. I have my kids watching this, too.