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  Week 1: Orientation

Salaam fellow productive Muslims!

I am Kai founder of and your course instructor! I am so glad you joined me in reading and reviewing books to enhance learning and personal development.

If you still not sure if you would like to start reading this book, please check out my QUAKE Books review, which discusses the book's impact and includes buying options.

Zainab Ahmad
I think this is the book on Amazon: The Productive Muslim: Where Faith Meets Productivity.
Zainab Ahmad
Wassalam wr wb. Look forward to it. Just downloaded 'Ego is the Enemy'
Nezam Ahamed
Asalamu walikum, as i recently joined ProductiveMuslims. As i am seeing that next book is started. Should i read the first the book and move to the second book or i can start directly with second book.
Mohammed Faris
@Nezam - if you want to keep up with the book club, I suggest you start the new book for this month. You can always come back later for this :)

P.S. Although I'd love for you to read the ProductiveMuslim Book :)