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  Introduction + Course Outline

In this video you'll learn:

- The Definition of Productivity

- Why is Focus an important part of Productivity?

- Why is it so hard to focus these days?

Triningsih Widodo
agreed that ourselves allowing the the destruction, so let's make it better.
Zaz Kh
salam alkm i can't download this video :(
Mohammed Faris
There's a blue download button underneath the video - seems to work for me :)
Abdulmalik Abdullahi
Alhamduliillah! Jazakallahu khair now I really realise the true why I lack focus and subhanallah I am goin to change insha Allah may Allah (S.W.A) continue to guide us to the right path
Diana Abdullah
I feel that I'm always willing help and do for others that I put my need aside
Noorayne N E Chevalier
I would say a lack of energy and difficulty focusing, concentrating and simply being in the moment. So much so that anything that comes into my head tends to be easily forgotten. I am 53 yrs young now and i really feel a difference than when I was younger , during all 4 of my degrees. Anyways I'm looking forward to this learning from you during this course. t Thank you. 😞
Mohammed Faris
Welcome aboard Noorayne - inshaAllah you'll find this course practical and useful in developing your focus - regardless of your age :)
Zainab Ahmad
Ok, I did focus. I haven't opened any other tabs, the phone is upstairs (don't bring it down to my office.) However, whenever I am not writing at my desk my hand are automatically doing certain pressure points on my face, which is a health ritual. So I kept doing that, but, nothing else. For a particular task I can easily focus. It is in general, I need to stick with a goal as for whatever reason I lose interest in a particular thing and move to another; even after doing 90% of the hard work and getting almost done. A completion thing here? I wrote my goals down every morning in my diary (a lot of filled diaries with introspection) to help focus, etc. However it's always a niggling ... 'no, I should be doing that...'. A values issue, perhaps? Well, on with it.