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Mary Johnson
Salaam alaykum,
How about ALL the books in the Productive Muslim Academy book club?!! I ordered them as soon as I became part of the Academy and although I have not been able to read all of them yet, I know that there are thought-provoking questions waiting for me in the Academy website. That really helps get as much out of a book as possible, and, since it's recommended then you already know it's good! Alhamdullillah!
I have been reading an excellent book for parents and parents-to-be called "The Whole Brain Child." I also bought the workbook and really have benefitted a lot from it, alhamdullillah. I highly recommend it. I think it has helped me understand children and adults at work, too! It is very good for understanding how to communicate and build healthier relationships at work and in the home.
Jazakum allah khayr for the great insights!
Fatima Arif
I have read a few Mary , and they are wonderful books . So as long as you are a part of Productive Muslim Academy book club , you are good :)