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  How to Wake Up for Fajr? (Part 1)

We all know that sleep is important. But have you ever wondered what the Spiritual Significance of Sleep is. Also, how do you balance between sleeping 6-8 hours for your body to rest and giving up some sleep for the purpose of worship. Find out from this lesson and learn the Spiritual Solutions to sleep and waking up early.

Also download our ProductiveMuslim Sleep Dua "Cheat Sheet" and place it next to your bed so you can practice daily before sleeping and learn the duas.

Alhamdulilah going smoothly
Allahu Akbar , Allahu Akbar,
Masya Allah... So help full and so inspiring, may Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala inspiring you and us always, to tell a good things, to write so many inspiring article more and more...
I often missed a fajr, because i often sleep over time... But this video so masya Allah make me and other better than yesterday.
This video is important for some people who think.
Jahanara Siddiqui
Mashaallah , So informative and so beneficial... Full of knowledge, they a lot of things I didn't know. And this is so wonderful Mr. Mohammed Faris May Allah (SWT) Bless you for such big efforts you doing by teaching us .....

Im Starting the course so InshaAllah I can finish and InshaAllah change my lifestyle...

Asssalamu Alaikum
Yakub Sadlil Seyam
Jajakallahu khayran
rifah tasnia
ma sha allah..
such a wonderful thought..!
Jajak Allah
Qudsia bano
Alhamdulilah I got very good and beautiful information to share with my friends and family
Mary Johnson
Salaam alaykum,
Wow! I never thought about my intentions for getting a good night's rest! That was powerful, "Sleeping for dunya or sleeping for akhira." Jazakum allah khayr!
I am a mother of two small children so sometimes my best plans to sleep well at night do not work out and that makes me very frustrated and sad. However, during the period that I only had one baby and she was 1 and a half and sleeping on her own I really appreciated the ability to sleep well and wake early. I was so grateful for that time! It is a challenge now, but I know that Allah is Merciful and even when I am unable to follow my plans He understands. May Allah make waking for fajr easy for all of us. Ameen.
Mohammed Faris
Alhamdulillah - may Allah make it easy for us all. Ameen.
khadra mustafe ahmed
thanks alot ustaadh mohamed faris for your beneficial lecture,
this is my first course i attend and i learn more and more
especially how to wake up for fajr inshaAllah i never miss fajr after this course
Mohammed Faris
Alhamdulillah - so happy to hear that!
Alhamdulilaah it is really helpfull
Mohammed Faris
Excellent hamdulillah :)
Aliyu muhammad
Alhamdulillah I'm so grateful
Noor Kuch
Mashallah helpful advice jazakAllah khair
Faizeen Ayaz Shaikh
Is there Any Course Learning Quran-E-Pak With Makhraj on your Academy If there is then plz let me know as soon as possible inshallah....

Rameen khan
Assalam,dear Muhammad faris thankyou very much for doing so much productive for Muslim Ummah! Basically I'm from Pakistan n I'm the great fan of you! Alhamdulillah to be a Muslim 😊
Mohammed Faris
Alhamdulillah - glad you found this useful!
ROBERT Anne-Laure
Assalamou'alaykoum sa rahmatoullahi wa barakatouhou .
Indeed i was fighting sleep...
Moghal Afzal Jabeen
bissmillah irrahaman irrahim
im jabeen from India
sukriya muhammed for giving gud knowledge.
spread musalman aayath whole world as we need to increase our prophet gudness n kindness among our bro n sis's
Allah blessings be upon us.
duva maay gujarish
Halima Mwinyi
Been trying to download and print the above duas- I am not able to- Can I get a printable version please- Thanks in advance
Mohammed Faris
Halima - sorry about this, we've fixed this now and the dua sheet is now downloadable. Thanks for letting us know!
muna ali
Mashaa Allah very inspiring jazzaka Allah kheir
Abdou Jarjusey
Alhamdulillah! this is wonderful. I am grateful to Allah SWT for enabling me to see this great lesson on How to wake up for Fajr. I thank the author for the great job in compiling the lesson. May Allah SWT reward you abundantly for your great work.
Mohammed Faris
Diana Abdullah
I'm a morning person so that's avoid thung
Fathima Ramla Bishrul Naufer
May Allah shower His blessings on you. They give a boost to the sick mind and motivates to do more good deeds.
Mohammed Faris
Alhamdulillah :)!