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Practical Insights from Latest Personal Development Books

In partnership with Kai Whiting - a Muslim revert, who runs an amazing book review website called - the ProductiveMuslim Academy will review one personal development book per month with you, helping you get the most practical insights out of it.

Here's how the book club works:

  1. Every month, Kai (the book club leader) will announce the personal development book that we'll review as a club on our private facebook group.
  2. You'll need to find and purchase the copy of this book (or borrow from a friend or library) and read the book during the month.
  3. Every week, Kai will release worksheets and "fridge quotes" to make you think about what you read and reflect more deeply on the content of the book you're reading.
  4. In the final week of the month - Kai will hold a webinar with you to discuss what you learnt from the book club, what practical insights will you apply in your life, and share your favourite quotes.

We'll do this every month inshaAllah. Hope you'll participate and benefit from the book club!

Introduction to the Book Club...

If you think you don't have time or need some motivation to join the book club, check out Kai's interview with Mohammed Faris, founder of below:

Your Instructor

Kai Whiting
Kai Whiting

Founder of, British Muslim Revert and avid reader!

Class Curriculum

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  Be So Good They Can't Ignore You by Cal Newport
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