How to Become A Successful Muslim Entrepreneur

Learn easy and practical steps to kick-start your successful, meaningful and productive entrepreneurial journey

What does it take for you to be a successful Muslim entrepreneur?

This course will provide an easy and practical guide that helps every Muslim and Muslimah kick start their own business and embark on their entrepreneurial journey. It's not easy sometimes, but with the right tips and tricks that I learned from my own experience, you'll be able to get a good insight into this world and know what to expect.

What you will learn

- An insightful introduction into the entrepreneurship world

- The difference between and entrepreneur and a "wantrepreneur"

- How you can make the best use of the Internet for your business

- How to set your intentions and priorities straight

- How to have the right mindset for an entrepreneur

- How to create the right relationships for your business

- Practical time management strategies

- How to continue learning in a way that empowers your character and your business

Course Duration: 60 minutes

Each lesson ranges from 4-10 minutes, all packed with practical tips for you to take note and start applying.

Your Instructor

Sa'Diyya Patel

Sa'Diyya Patel is a mom to 5 kids and the woman behind WealthyMuslimahOnline.com - a website created to empower Muslim women to become financially independent through entrepreneurship, much like Khadijah (RA). The site is packed with tons of free resources to help Muslim Women to start and run their own successful online businesses. She has also founded the Muslim Life Coach Training Academy, the only online Life Coach Training and Certification program for Muslims. Vist www.WealthyMuslimahOnline.com for more information.

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