The Barakah Effect

Faith Based Productivity & Leadership Course For The Muslim Professional

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Understanding & Implementing the Power of Barakah in Your Professional Life

“Barakah is the attachment of divine goodness to a thing, so if it occurs in something little, it increases it. And if it occurs in something much it benefits it. And the greatest fruits of barakah in all things are to use that barakah in the obedience of Allah (SWT)” – Imam Raghib

The Barakah Effect is a practical workshop that was delivered in Dallas, TX in April 2016 focusing on how to lead yourself, and lead others – from a Prophetic perspective. The workshop helps Muslim Professional practically implement our Prophetic teachings in their professional lives

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Developing a daily system for yourself that keeps you at peak performance – spiritually, mentally, and physically. Feel fulfilled.
  • Break out of the productivity trap of looking for new apps and hacks to constantly maximize your output. Instead, learn how to *multiply* your efforts by tapping into the power of Barakah to power through your every day challenges the obstacles holding you back.
  • What did the Prophet’s (s) day look like? What can we emulate from it? How do we apply his daily habits and routines that to a modern day workplace?
  • How to not just delegate, but empower people around you.
  • Learn the intricate tricks Shaytan plays on us to paralyze us with fear – making it hard for us to be decisive, or even speak up in a meeting at work.
  • What tangible and practical things did the Prophet (s) do to develop the people around him?
  • How did the Prophet (s) lead the un-leadable? Deal with difficult people?
  • Dealing with failure, setbacks, and when things don’t go as planned.
  • What does a Prophetic leadership style look like? And how is it applied to a modern professional environment?
  • Authentically implementing your spiritual values in an environment that doesn’t prioritize faith.
  • Balancing humility with ambition and assertiveness.
  • What Prophetic work/life balance looks like in regards to your self, family, and community.

Your Instructor

Mohammed Faris & Omar Usman
Mohammed Faris & Omar Usman

Mohammed Faris is the founder of ProductiveMuslim.com and author of "The Productive Muslim: Where Faith Meets Productivity" He's an international speaker, author, and coach and has delivered many public workshops in cities around the world.

Omar Usman is a certified leadership trainer and speaker through the John Maxwell Team. In addition to corporate work, Omar has held various leadership roles in Islamic organizations such as MuslimMatters.org, Bayyinah Institute, and Qalam Institute.

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